Monday Morning Global Institute creates sustainable business by turning today’s risks into tomorrow’s opportunities.

The world is in the midst of a seismic change in the way we organize our societies, run our businesses, and live our lives. Businesses require new navigation tools to tackle our time’s most pressing challenges in an increasingly complex and interconnected global risk landscape. MMGI believes that in order to thrive in this new landscape, businesses must look beyond their immediate interests and navigate a wider opportunity space.

Succeeding in this wider opportunity space holds the key to future prosperity. In today’s disruptive business environment, your next competitor may come from sector that was never even on your radar. Your customers expect you to have a clear policy for your role in the world. Corporate Social Responsibility as an add-on is a thing of the past – today’s corporate frontrunners are active members of their societies, and responsibility towards the world is a core part of their business.

MMGI is here to support you throughout this transition. We understand that complex and interconnected global risks are the new norm. Hence, our approach must be proactive and engaging, rather than reacting once crisis has struck – because the difference between a risk and an opportunity is how soon you discover it.